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A new venture

15 Apr

I decided to take up knitting and teach myself how to knit. Thank goodness for YouTube and all the videos/tutorials posted on the internet. It also helps to have an mom who can pretty much do anything crafty and already knows how to knit and crochet. I’ve tried to learn how to crochet before and really couldn’t get the hang of it, but knitting I learned when I was about 10 years old, made a bit of a scarf, and that was the extent of my knowledge. The basics were already ingrained, but I decided to tackle a small project (literally. It was for a baby!). I got out a Debbie Bliss baby knitting book from the library and these were so adorable, I just had to learn. What’s neat is that I learned how to do cables and they weren’t too difficult. They turned out cute, but I still have a ton to learn!start of knitting legwarmers complete!