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Family food…and school lunches

3 Sep

I have to admit that lunch is my least favourite meal of the day. I’m also not a very creative meal planner or fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants food creator. I like recipes and steps and measuring and having things all planned out ahead of time. I am also the worst at looking at the ingredients I have on hand and pretty much coming up with….nothing. It’s like a great big blank block in my brain. So we often have breakfast for dinner among all kinds of other things for meals. I do try to make them as healthy as possible, though. I have started keeping those veggie tray containers from Costco and buying a bunch of different veggies to have chopped up and ready to go all the time. The kids grab it out all the time and munch on all the vegetables in there. Any time of day. I never say no to that!

I recently was catching up on one of the blogs I follow and one entry was showing all her favourite cookbooks. There was a couple in particular that caught my eye, but one I investigated further and ended up ordering it through iBooks. (It was cheapest that way). It’s called Weelicious.


I also pre-ordered her Weelicious Lunches book because school is beginning for Maya and given that lunch is already my least favourite meal of the day, I figured I could use some extra help! It arrived yesterday evening, so I downloaded it right away and read it last night before bed! There are a TON of ideas in it so I’m excited to try them!



These books are really great, creative and healthy. I’m looking forward to trying the recipes in them and hoping that my kids will be excited to help me make food that they will enjoy eating!

There is also a website with recipes, videos, and tips weelicious.com


Entitled Children

24 Jan

Cleaning house

I began reading this book upon seeing it on a blog? I think. It’s really very interesting because it deals with how most children (and people!) nowadays feel that everyone is there to serve them or that they are entitled to things simply because. They aren’t prepared for the real world, most especially the definition of work.

The author of this book did an experiment with her 5 kids (ages 14 to 4) and each month introduced a challenge that began with keeping rooms tidy with beds made and clutter at bay. Then, in subsequent months added more responsibility and teaching opportunities to help them realize that clothes don’t just magically appear washed, folded, and put away in your drawers. She taught them to plan, prepare, and provide meals with cleanup included. She taught them yard care and outdoor maintenance.

I’m about halfway through the book and it’s very enjoyable. She has a good writing style and is humorous. She is also quite normal with the same feelings as many of us moms with regards to wanting to do things for her kids because it’s just “easier” and “faster”.

The kids and this mom learned a lot of neat lessons about themselves in this experiment. She learned that her kids are very capable of accomplishing so many things if you just give them some room and responsibility. The kids obviously learned to work, but also teamwork and empathy, amongst many other things.

It makes me think about the things my kids can do now. Clearly I’m not ready ¬†for my kids to be chopping up veggies, etc, but I know they can make their beds and keep their stuff off the floor. They can help sweep and vacuum and unload/load the dishwasher. They like to help me put the laundry in the machine, and I’ve been teaching Maya how to fold clothes. It makes me feel good about teaching them some useful skills. I’m determined to make sure my kids know how to cook a variety of food before they leave home!!


While the cat is away…(aka while mom is distracted)

16 Feb

This certainly isn’t going to be any advice on being a mom, but a little snippet of the other day what the kids were up to while I was distracted.

Scenario #1

I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I had been on the phone (of course) trying to get a renewal of Gavin’s medication and I’d had to run up and down the stairs to get some info for the pharmacy and I forgot to relock the food closet in the kitchen. Rylan took it upon himself to get some crackers, but not only got them out of the cupboard, but took the bag out of the box, brought it into the living room and dumped them all out onto the ottoman and carpet. Mmmmmm…delightful. He did tell himself “I did it!!” I guess he was proud of himself.

Scenario #2

Maya and Rylan were nicely playing in the toy room. (I should have known better). I was putting Gavin down for a nap. They sound like they were having a great old time. I come back downstairs and was greeted by this:

Maya has decided to take almost all the bins out of our nicely organized shelf and dump them in this Spiderman ball pit thing. The picture is a bit deceptive, but there were a LOT of toys in there! Oh how I hate toys sometimes!! Especially small toys with LOTS of pieces!

Rylan was pretty buried amongst the toys and required some serious aid to escape the clutches of the giant floor puzzle and fake food products. At least he found some ice cream to keep him occupied!