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Ohhh cinnamon buns!

21 Oct

I came across this recipe and decided I HAD to make them today. They are soft, fluffy and delicious-looking! I at least have to wait until after dinner to try one!



Personal Fundraising Page for Jennifer and David Vadocz

24 Feb

Personal Fundraising Page for Jennifer and David Vadocz.

Christmas baking

28 Dec

This year I didn’t want to do much in the way of Christmas baking. (Incidentally, I also didn’t mail out ANY Christmas cards, so sorry if you didn’t receive one from us because no one got one!) I did, however, really want to do some decorated sugar cookies because they’re kind of fun! They’re a bit of a process though, so don’t plan on doing them all in the same day unless you don’t have kids getting under your feet (or attached to your leg or climbing up on the table where you’reĀ trying to decorate them nicely).

I’m always so frustrated at the consistency of my royal icing, but I think on the whole these ones turned out ok. I still wasn’t super happy with the consistency of the outline icing, but I kind of had to go with it since I had already put it in the piping bag to use. Honestly I was too lazy to take it out and try to thin it a bit more. It worked anyway.

The other thing I made were vanilla bean fleur de sel caramels. I’m usually not into candy making (I don’t really like fudge), but these sounded and looked so good that I had to try them. Also I have some vanilla beans that are probably past needing to get used, so it seemed opportune. I got the recipe from Confections of a Foodie Bride and it turned out really well. In fact, I still have some left, they may just get thrown out. We had too many goodies over Christmas anyway!

Photo courtesy of Annie’s Eats


Growing tomatoes

13 Sep

It wasn’t a very good year for me to do a garden. The weather was crap and I wasn’t especially motivated to keep it up. Here’s the first growing tomato!


13 Sep

This year I decided to go to the local farms and stock up on berries to freeze for the year. I got tons of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. Continue reading

5 Sep

I really love the smell of lavender. Maya is quite intrigued by it and every time we go out to get in the car, she needs to pick off a piece to bring with her. Even though she destroys it, I don’t even mind the mess in the car because it smells wonderful!!

No bake cookies

5 Sep

Mmmm…I remember the days that my mom used to make these no bake chocolate cookies…except we were lucky enough to have them made from carob. Maya really tried hard not to pick at them, but I couldn’t stop her and really I don’t blame her, they were really delicious!