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7 Mar

We’ve been watching a few movies lately. Since it’s hard to get to the movies (and not as cheap as it once was since you have to include babysitting fees) we’ve been downloading and watching movies at home. We bought a Blu-Ray player a short while ago, and were happy to discover you could plug in our external hard drive (1 TB, room for LOTS of movies) or transfer some on to our smaller USB “stick” and watch it straight from there. Easy, peasy.

Ok, so the most recent ones:

Unstoppable – better than I expected it to be, which really wasn’t much.

The Next Three Days – fell asleep approximately halfway through to the end. Some days are just not good days for watching movies at night!

Black Swan – surprisingly good. Not especially dark like I expected it to be. Very interesting concept.

The King’s Speech – muy excelente! I very much enjoyed this and probably won’t delete it off the hard drive! Definitely deserved the awards it received.

The Fighter – it was pretty good. I like based on true life stories.

The Social Network – also interesting. I don’t know how much was fabricated, but it was enjoyable. I don’t think it deserved Oscars, though.

Still waiting to be watched:

Life As We Know It

127 Hours

PS – Sorry Telus!