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A new venture

15 Apr

I decided to take up knitting and teach myself how to knit. Thank goodness for YouTube and all the videos/tutorials posted on the internet. It also helps to have an mom who can pretty much do anything crafty and already knows how to knit and crochet. I’ve tried to learn how to crochet before and really couldn’t get the hang of it, but knitting I learned when I was about 10 years old, made a bit of a scarf, and that was the extent of my knowledge. The basics were already ingrained, but I decided to tackle a small project (literally. It was for a baby!). I got out a Debbie Bliss baby knitting book from the library and these were so adorable, I just had to learn. What’s neat is that I learned how to do cables and they weren’t too difficult. They turned out cute, but I still have a ton to learn!start of knitting legwarmers complete!


Mobile for Gavin

2 May

I saw an idea on Pinterest for a mobile for a kid room and figured I could probably make it although I’m not paper crafty at all. I felt very lost in the Scrapbooking store when I went to buy the cardstock. It wasn’t hard to make, but it was a lot of cutting and I’m also not very good at cutting inside the lines!

I’d like to make something similar for Rylan’s room, but instead of it being a mobile, I’d attach each piece to the wall as 3D art. We’ll see when I get around to that!!

Father’s Day

8 Sep

Ha ha, so I know that it’s September now, but I was going through my photos deciding which things to blog about and obviously I had meant to post this way back in June, but things got pretty busy then! I came across this tutorial and thought it would be a great way to celebrate Father’s Day. I got the labels I used for the cans from Martha Stewart’s website and used soup cans ( I washed them really well!!)

It was a fun and easy craft to do and I would certainly make them again!


Girly hair clips

13 Feb

I’ve been making hair clips for Maya for a little while now. They’re not especially creative because I like the simpler ones better. My friend gave me a bunch of ribbon and flowers to use to make some more, so I tried my hand at some of those. I think they are pretty cute how they turned out and they’re so easy to make. It’s deadly having a cute little girl because I want to make so many things for her.

Tutu extravaganza

20 Sep

I have been looking at making a tutu for a little while now and a lot of tutorials came up recently on some of the blogs I follow. I made one with black, hot pink, and white tulle first for a little girl who turned 3. It was really easy and quick to make, so when Maya was invited to another little girl’s party, I figured I’d make another one for her. This pink and white one is the one I did for her.

I used 3 different shades of pink and then a white. Not shown on here but I also added a satin ribbon bow to the front of it to embellish it a little. Of course, then I needed to make one for Maya and she said she wanted a purple one (yay!)

For hers I used a dark purple, light purple and a few light brown pieces. Then I added a purple satin ribbon to the front as well. I think they are the most adorable things ever. Although I have seen some pettiskirts making the blog rounds too! I think that will be a ways down the road yet!

Birthday onesies

20 Sep

I recently had a bout of creativity. I had come across online how to make stencils for shirts using freezer paper. There are tons of tutorials on how to do this, so just Google it if you’re interested. I made these for a little boy who was turning one and for my first try they came out pretty cute! You use regular fabric paint (not the puffy kind) with small sponge brushes to dab it on.

It’s pretty neat, actually. Because one side of the paper is shiny (it’s used for wrapping meat for the freezer), you just iron it dull side up and it sticks to the shirt really well. When it comes time to remove the stencil you just peel it right off, and there’s nothing sticky left on your shirt!

Then you just iron lightly when the paint is completely dry and you’re good to go!

Brush roll

19 Sep

I made a crayon roll for Maya from this tutorial and really liked how it turned out, so I tweaked it a bit to fit the dimensions of my makeup brushes. I’m so glad I can just roll them all up and take them with me for travelling.