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Earrings I’m loving

15 Oct

I figured it was high time to update my earring collection. Most of my current earrings are pretty plain or going-out fancy. I wanted some that were cute and classy but could be worn everyday. I ordered these earrings today and I’m excited to see how they are in person!
amber gold:green yellow drop white sparkly gold filigreepurple glitter


Prep time

13 Sep

I thought I’d share my favourite facial prep products as of late.

During the summer months I definitely like to use a sunscreen and thought I’d try out this Neutrogena one. I ended up loving it and will continue to use it. I love how it feels, it is very light, non-greasy, and moisturizing.

After sunscreen comes my makeup primer. This is especially handy for those mornings when I get interrupted often and can’t get to my foundation application without attending to a child first. After washing my face and moisturizing, then I apply this Smashbox primer. It feels really light and keeps my skin from going too oily all day.

Before applying my eye makeup I really love using an eyeshadow primer. I find it keeps my makeup from creasing until the end of the day and also keeps the colours bright. This one is Shadow Insurance from Too Faced.

New hair tool

21 Feb

Remington TStudio Ceramic Pearl Curling Wand

I got the chance to wander around London Drugs last week (bad idea, by the way) and had seen this curling wand on YouTube and thought it would be cool to try it. Generally my hair is too short to curl effectively, not to mention getting to the back of my head, but I thought this might just work for me. At any rate, I can use it on Maya too, if I have the time.

I tried it out quickly but didn’t get a chance to take pictures. I really liked it! It was easy to do too. It comes with a “heat-resistant” glove (really a bit more awkward and doesn’t really block the heat) so I recommend just being careful and using your bare hands. It heats up really hot if you need it that hot and you can just be on your way!

New hairstyles!

16 Feb

Thank goodness for Pinterest! I was doing some research on Pinterest and came across a pin for girl hairstyles. I’ve really been wanting to find some neat ideas for new hair do’s for Maya since generally her hair falls in her face and doesn’t really last in its style longer than an hour or two. Her growing-out bangs have been driving me crazy too; they’re always in her face!

For anyone who has little girls and lots of hair, this is a great site to get some new ideas!

Maya was really happy to have her hair done!

Clinique lotion

14 Mar

I recently saw an ad for Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector and thought I’d try it out. I was a bit surprised to see the price of it, though, when I went to purchase it. All I have to say is it better be worth it!!

Maya’s new hair

7 Mar

Just about a week and a half ago, I decided Maya really needed a haircut. I was tired of her hair always being in her face, no matter how many clips or ponytails were in it. When we went to the hairdresser, I asked her opinion of Maya’s hair and what she thought of my idea of giving Maya bangs. Let me tell you, I’m terrified of bangs. I’ve never had them and honestly, I’m pretty sure if I ever did get them they would drive me crazy! But, Maya’s hair tends to grow forward, so I figured what the heck, try it out. I also told her to cut off about 4 inches of hair. The hairdresser looked at me quizzically and said, “Are you sure you want that much off?” I told her Maya’s hair grows so fast, that it needed something drastic. I was very pleased with how it turned out and she’s been wearing her hair down with no clips or anything in it since!

The hairdresser layered the main part of her hair and also layered it around her face too.

Do you see what I mean about it being in her face and super long? I’m so glad we cut it!!

New Eyes (well, eyelashes really)

7 Mar

Last week after work I stopped off at the MAC store to pick up some powder. I’ve always been intrigued by false eyelashes (not the scary, weirdo kind, but ones to enhance your eyelashes some) and after looking through them, decided to get a pair.

I’m really excited to try them out soon!