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Family food…and school lunches

3 Sep

I have to admit that lunch is my least favourite meal of the day. I’m also not a very creative meal planner or fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants food creator. I like recipes and steps and measuring and having things all planned out ahead of time. I am also the worst at looking at the ingredients I have on hand and pretty much coming up with….nothing. It’s like a great big blank block in my brain. So we often have breakfast for dinner among all kinds of other things for meals. I do try to make them as healthy as possible, though. I have started keeping those veggie tray containers from Costco and buying a bunch of different veggies to have chopped up and ready to go all the time. The kids grab it out all the time and munch on all the vegetables in there. Any time of day. I never say no to that!

I recently was catching up on one of the blogs I follow and one entry was showing all her favourite cookbooks. There was a couple in particular that caught my eye, but one I investigated further and ended up ordering it through iBooks. (It was cheapest that way). It’s called Weelicious.


I also pre-ordered her Weelicious Lunches book because school is beginning for Maya and given that lunch is already my least favourite meal of the day, I figured I could use some extra help! It arrived yesterday evening, so I downloaded it right away and read it last night before bed! There are a TON of ideas in it so I’m excited to try them!



These books are really great, creative and healthy. I’m looking forward to trying the recipes in them and hoping that my kids will be excited to help me make food that they will enjoy eating!

There is also a website with recipes, videos, and tips


And finally…my birthday!!

17 Jan

Since I was already into the swing of things, having done both Maya’s and Rylan’s birthdays within the past couple of weeks, I thought I’d just keep it going and make myself a lovely and delicious cake for my birthday. I had a selection of 5 cakes to decide between and settled on this one. A dark chocolate layer cake with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream and a chocolate glaze. Heavenly!Chocolate layer cake

Maya’s birthday pancakes

12 Jan

I saw this recipe on Pinterest for cake batter sprinkle pancakes and thought it would be a great birthday pancake for Maya’s birthday. She loved it! Sprinkle pancakes

Christmas goodies

25 Dec

I went a little crazy this year for Christmas goodies. I did make up a bunch of containers to pass out to neighbours and friends and to take over to the in-laws for some treats over the holidays. I got a bit carried away, but it wasn’t all at once. I made everything over a couple of weeks so it didn’t seem overwhelming. I had bought 2 magazines of Christmas baking and really wanted to try so many of the recipes. I ended up with a bunch of bars/cookies and then candy/chocolate. They were all so yummy!!Christmas candy Christmas cookies

Summer treats

8 Sep

So I’ve been trying to not bake anything much lately. Granted, things get difficult anyway when you’ve got 3 little ones vying for your attention to varying degrees. Completing a task, any task, becomes very difficult! We went to the PNE a couple of days after it opened, got completely soggy since it poured rain that day (big surprise this summer!) but I came across my beloved ZOKU in the marketplace, as we tried to briefly escape the rain. I had seen it on others’ blogs and looked it up, but forgot all about it until we stumbled across it at the PNE.

For those not familiar, it’s a popsicle maker, but WHAT a popsicle maker. It makes them similar to how you would make ice cream at home, in that you freeze the container your mixture goes in, so it basically freezes your mixture very quickly and from the outside in. The exciting part being that you can do some really cool things with it, such as layers and diagonal patterns. You can add bits of fruit, etc to make it look kind of cool.

It’s too bad I didn’t come across it earlier this summer, but since it’s been a very wet and cool summer anyway, it really doesn’t matter.

Here’s to some creative popsicling!

Vanessa’s Baby Shower

26 Aug

A couple of weeks ago I threw a baby shower for Vanessa. Now, this is to say really that I essentially hosted it because I enlisted some help from her friend to invite people, make the invitations, and help run errands to pick up stuff, decorate and help prepare food. It really was difficult to try to get everything done and decorated while being interrupted and things being destroyed while trying to get everything set up. In the end I made Dave take the kids to McDonald’s to play in the hour or so before the shower was supposed to begin.

Of course there was yummy food (I forgot to take pictures of it all) but I did manage to get a picture of the cake I made. (And yes, Dave, next time I may just buy one!) Everyone had a good time and Vanessa got a lot of great gifts. We of course played some games too; I think games are fun! Then it was time to leave.

Easter cupcakes

22 Apr

I had a cake mix that needed to get used up and had come across these chick cupcakes online from Our Best Bites. Since their recipe made 12 cupcakes and the cake mix made 24, I decided to do up an alternate version from what I remember my mom making often (the nest with the “eggs” in the middle). I gave a bunch away but was told I needed to keep lots still at home…they didn’t last very long.

The icing I made I wasn’t too thrilled with. It turned out fine, but I wasn’t partial to it. My favourite is still the 7-minute frosting. So delicious! I would certainly do that next time, but trying something new was worth a shot!