Entitled Children

24 Jan

Cleaning house

I began reading this book upon seeing it on a blog? I think. It’s really very interesting because it deals with how most children (and people!) nowadays feel that everyone is there to serve them or that they are entitled to things simply because. They aren’t prepared for the real world, most especially the definition of work.

The author of this book did an experiment with her 5 kids (ages 14 to 4) and each month introduced a challenge that began with keeping rooms tidy with beds made and clutter at bay. Then, in subsequent months added more responsibility and teaching opportunities to help them realize that clothes don’t just magically appear washed, folded, and put away in your drawers. She taught them to plan, prepare, and provide meals with cleanup included. She taught them yard care and outdoor maintenance.

I’m about halfway through the book and it’s very enjoyable. She has a good writing style and is humorous. She is also quite normal with the same feelings as many of us moms with regards to wanting to do things for her kids because it’s just “easier” and “faster”.

The kids and this mom learned a lot of neat lessons about themselves in this experiment. She learned that her kids are very capable of accomplishing so many things if you just give them some room and responsibility. The kids obviously learned to work, but also teamwork and empathy, amongst many other things.

It makes me think about the things my kids can do now. Clearly I’m not ready  for my kids to be chopping up veggies, etc, but I know they can make their beds and keep their stuff off the floor. They can help sweep and vacuum and unload/load the dishwasher. They like to help me put the laundry in the machine, and I’ve been teaching Maya how to fold clothes. It makes me feel good about teaching them some useful skills. I’m determined to make sure my kids know how to cook a variety of food before they leave home!!



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