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Oh Children!

13 Sep

I had a playdate with a friend and her two boys the other week and, as we were visiting I was thinking to myself how nice it was to finally be able to visit with another mom while the kids played without having to break up a fight or have someone come crying to us every 2 minutes.

I should have known better. All the kids (her 2, my 2 oldest, and the neighbour boy) were all playing upstairs and had been quiet for a while (I know, I know, I should have checked on them earlier, but was giving them the benefit of the doubt). Apparently I had left the upstairs bathroom open (usually it’s closed and has a child lock on the door). They (most likely Rylan) had gone into the bathroom and gotten out the GIANT bottle of bubble solution that we keep under the sink. Then (I can only assume Maya was the ringleader) they proceeded to pour the rest of the contents of said bottle on the carpet in Maya’s room. Not only that, but they felt it needed to be danced in to be worthwhile.

It was time for the boys to go home, so my friend and I went upstairs to get them and found them practically ankle deep in bubbles and a very wet floor! I grabbed the Shop-Vac and sucked up what I could right then. We had loaned out our carpet cleaner so we didn’t have it, but that’s what I would have preferred. At least the Shop-Vac got some of the liquid out.

Dave went and picked up our carpet cleaner later and we just filled the container with water and went over and over and over the carpet to get as much bubble solution out of the carpet. Meanwhile, Maya fell asleep in her bed while we were doing this (I guess she must have been really tired since those cleaners are LOUD!). That seemed to do the trick although there were still quite wet patches.

All I can say is that I’m glad it was bubbles and not something else!!


Prep time

13 Sep

I thought I’d share my favourite facial prep products as of late.

During the summer months I definitely like to use a sunscreen and thought I’d try out this Neutrogena one. I ended up loving it and will continue to use it. I love how it feels, it is very light, non-greasy, and moisturizing.

After sunscreen comes my makeup primer. This is especially handy for those mornings when I get interrupted often and can’t get to my foundation application without attending to a child first. After washing my face and moisturizing, then I apply this Smashbox primer. It feels really light and keeps my skin from going too oily all day.

Before applying my eye makeup I really love using an eyeshadow primer. I find it keeps my makeup from creasing until the end of the day and also keeps the colours bright. This one is Shadow Insurance from Too Faced.