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Running Book

29 Feb

I’ve been working on the training for the half marathon coming up in June and Dave’s mom loaned me the book, “Run Less, Run Faster” and I’ve really been enjoying reading it. The idea of it is to run just 3 times a week in order to get your training in for whatever race you may be working towards. I find it helpful to me to have a specific plan for running so that I can get the most benefit out of my runs. These runs tend to be a bit more intense than what I would usually do, but not impossible.



New hair tool

21 Feb

Remington TStudio Ceramic Pearl Curling Wand

I got the chance to wander around London Drugs last week (bad idea, by the way) and had seen this curling wand on YouTube and thought it would be cool to try it. Generally my hair is too short to curl effectively, not to mention getting to the back of my head, but I thought this might just work for me. At any rate, I can use it on Maya too, if I have the time.

I tried it out quickly but didn’t get a chance to take pictures. I really liked it! It was easy to do too. It comes with a “heat-resistant” glove (really a bit more awkward and doesn’t really block the heat) so I recommend just being careful and using your bare hands. It heats up really hot if you need it that hot and you can just be on your way!

New hairstyles!

16 Feb

Thank goodness for Pinterest! I was doing some research on Pinterest and came across a pin for girl hairstyles. I’ve really been wanting to find some neat ideas for new hair do’s for Maya since generally her hair falls in her face and doesn’t really last in its style longer than an hour or two. Her growing-out bangs have been driving me crazy too; they’re always in her face!

For anyone who has little girls and lots of hair, this is a great site to get some new ideas!

Maya was really happy to have her hair done!

While the cat is away…(aka while mom is distracted)

16 Feb

This certainly isn’t going to be any advice on being a mom, but a little snippet of the other day what the kids were up to while I was distracted.

Scenario #1

I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I had been on the phone (of course) trying to get a renewal of Gavin’s medication and I’d had to run up and down the stairs to get some info for the pharmacy and I forgot to relock the food closet in the kitchen. Rylan took it upon himself to get some crackers, but not only got them out of the cupboard, but took the bag out of the box, brought it into the living room and dumped them all out onto the ottoman and carpet. Mmmmmm…delightful. He did tell himself “I did it!!” I guess he was proud of himself.

Scenario #2

Maya and Rylan were nicely playing in the toy room. (I should have known better). I was putting Gavin down for a nap. They sound like they were having a great old time. I come back downstairs and was greeted by this:

Maya has decided to take almost all the bins out of our nicely organized shelf and dump them in this Spiderman ball pit thing. The picture is a bit deceptive, but there were a LOT of toys in there! Oh how I hate toys sometimes!! Especially small toys with LOTS of pieces!

Rylan was pretty buried amongst the toys and required some serious aid to escape the clutches of the giant floor puzzle and fake food products. At least he found some ice cream to keep him occupied!

Kids rooms

7 Feb

Because the weather had been pretty yucky and nasty, Dave and I wanted to change things up a little in the kids’ rooms. We had gone out on a Friday night and ended up at Home Depot. Somehow we were drawn to the lighting department, so we had a look around and found some cool lights to replace the ones in their rooms. Because Maya and Rylan’s room have vaulted (and sloped) ceilings we chose to buy lights that hung down to break up the rooms a little.

For Maya we found a pretty chandelier (which I LOVE) and for Rylan’s a boat. They also had an airplane one in the same design as the boat, but the airplane wasn’t able to be angled and didn’t hang down so far. Maybe we’ll one day get it for Gavin.

It was fun to shake things up a bit and I love seeing different lights in their rooms now!

I also FINALLY got around to doing up letters for Gavin’s room. I’d bought some letters before and painted them, but didn’t get around to finishing the rest of what I wanted to do with them, so they just sat. They sat for long enough that I didn’t really like them any more and decided to change them a bit. I bought new letters and colours, decided to put them in picture frames (because it’s a spacious, empty wall they would sit on) and get scrapbook paper for the background in the frames. I happened to find the frames on sale in packs of 3 at Michael’s one day, so I snapped them up. Actually they came together nicely. I attached the letters to the background with double sided tape and then hung them with hanging strips (my new best friend!) I have another idea for Gavin’s other walls that I found on Etsy that I would like to copy if I can get around to doing that too.