Kids Beach Towel Robes

9 Nov

I found a pattern here for a beach robe over the summer. Well, actually, it was towards the end of the summer (our practically non-existent summer, that is) and decided I would love to make the kids each a robe for putting on after swimming lessons. They didn’t look difficult to make, so I ordered the PDF pattern, printed it out, and bought some beach towels from Costco. The towels sat and sat for ages until I finally had the time to make them. Might I say that all those little balls of towel fluff were everywhere! May I never see them again (at least for a while anyway).

My mom had given me a bunch of old fabric and upon digging through it, found the perfect match for Maya’s robe. I was kind of excited about making these because I was looking forward to making my own bias tape to use to trim them. That made it take a bit longer to make them, but I think they turned out really well.

At the end of Maya and Rylan’s swim classes, one of the other parents noticed me pulling out the robes for the kids and commented, “Nice plushy robes!” (And Dave started humming the “Rocky” theme song when he saw Rylan’s). Secretly I wanted to burst with pride telling him I had made them, but managed not to be a braggart! But here I am bragging anyway, because I am proud of them. Every time I make something it teaches me that I still have SO much more to learn, but I’m ok with that because then where would the fun be in it!


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