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Little model

20 Oct

Ha ha, one day Maya decided to turn the pants she was wearing into a twisted “scarf”. It actually looked kind of neat so I snapped a few photos. Maya really likes to twist things around no matter if it’s her pants, her hair, dental floss around a handle, you get the idea!



First day of preschool

20 Oct

Yes, yes I know this is very late as Maya started preschool about a month and a half ago. I was kind of excited for her to go to preschool because I knew she would love it. After meeting her teacher at the open house earlier this year, I felt confident Maya would have a great time because her teacher is fantastic!

When she first started, the class was only an hour long, then they increased it to two hours, then finally after almost a month, the full two and a half hours. Let me tell you, it’s not a lot of time, especially when you’ve got two other kids to manage during this time. Her preschool isn’t near where we live, so going home and coming back isn’t a very good option. I looked nearby for a Strong start program because it’s free and drop-in and Rylan definitely could use it! Gavin I just keep wrapped up in my wrap and he generally sleeps most of the time.

I really wanted to make Maya a toddler sized backpack for preschool so I looked up on the internet for a tutorial to make one. I did purchase a PDF pattern to make it from. The fun part was then finding the perfect fabric for it. I had such a hard time deciding, but came up with this (it’s a Japanese fabric from and it’s “Swedish school kids”. I also ordered this one in blue too because I wasn’t sure if the pink would be enough fabric to make this out of. I laid out all the pattern pieces prior to cutting out and they fit! I was excited because now I can make another backpack for Rylan!It turned out as well as I could have hoped, not too difficult. The tricky part was finding all the parts to go with it – the piping, (which I would probably just make myself next time), the webbing, the adjustable clips and a matching zipper. I ordered everything online and had to contain myself until it arrived. Since I really wasn’t getting out much at this point, it made everything easier to just order it all. I took the liberty of ordering other fabric while I was at it, so eventually I will get around to making things with those too!