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Vanessa’s Baby Shower

26 Aug

A couple of weeks ago I threw a baby shower for Vanessa. Now, this is to say really that I essentially hosted it because I enlisted some help from her friend to invite people, make the invitations, and help run errands to pick up stuff, decorate and help prepare food. It really was difficult to try to get everything done and decorated while being interrupted and things being destroyed while trying to get everything set up. In the end I made Dave take the kids to McDonald’s to play in the hour or so before the shower was supposed to begin.

Of course there was yummy food (I forgot to take pictures of it all) but I did manage to get a picture of the cake I made. (And yes, Dave, next time I may just buy one!) Everyone had a good time and Vanessa got a lot of great gifts. We of course played some games too; I think games are fun! Then it was time to leave.