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Temple Sealing

30 Apr


It was an exciting day for us today. We were sealed in the Vancouver BC temple as a family. We were fortunate to have friends and family join us. Thanks to those who journeyed far and near to be with us!


Easter cupcakes

22 Apr

I had a cake mix that needed to get used up and had come across these chick cupcakes online from Our Best Bites. Since their recipe made 12 cupcakes and the cake mix made 24, I decided to do up an alternate version from what I remember my mom making often (the nest with the “eggs” in the middle). I gave a bunch away but was told I needed to keep lots still at home…they didn’t last very long.

The icing I made I wasn’t too thrilled with. It turned out fine, but I wasn’t partial to it. My favourite is still the 7-minute frosting. So delicious! I would certainly do that next time, but trying something new was worth a shot!

What we do for fun around here…

11 Apr

What can you do with an empty Vector box??

Rylan gets a hair cut

11 Apr

I decided last week I’d had enough of Rylan starting to get a mullet and decided to take matters into my own hands. I watched a video on YouTube and figured it seemed easy enough to cut his hair. I knew it would be a bit tricky getting him to stay in one place for a while, but amazingly he did pretty well, considering. I did put him in his high chair and gave him many many snacks while watching tv. It worked, and for my first try, I think I did pretty well. I didn’t do a before picture, and I couldn’t find a recent photo, but here’s what he looks like after the shearing!

Sewing up a storm…

11 Apr

I’ve been one with the sewing machine lately. I realized I’ve been waiting for Dave to take some pictures of me wearing some of the things I’ve made, but that never happens, especially when I look half decent. Oh well, they’ll get on here sometime.

So I’ve been redoing some of my maternity clothes. I’ve come across a lot of tutorials on how to refashion maternity clothes and also how to make your old clothes appropriate for maternity. I have quite a few old clothes I’ve set aside because they (obviously) don’t fit right now, but as I was going through some that have actually been sitting there since I was pregnant with Rylan, I kind of figured I wouldn’t be too upset to cut some up some of my old things. T-shirts that are a bit too short or maybe a bit tighter than they used to be (how does that happen??), tons of pants, and other various items that I will probably make into things for Maya.

I got a new sewing machine last week (wheeee!) and I’ve been getting to know it a bit better. I also ordered a bunch of fabric online and made a trip to the States to pick it up. It’s SO nice to get the fabric I want instead of making do with what I can find in 10 minutes at FABRICLAND (boooo 😦 ) while my kids terrorize the aisles. (This would be today’s experience). Anyhow, I really wanted to make some baby blankets and I love minky, so I bought some of that with some really nice flannel and then some other nice cotton prints. I was able to get 2 blankets out of each yard of minky, so I ended up making four in total. I’m also planning to make Maya an apron so I got some kitchen-appropriate (cupcake) material for that. The other fabric I ordered was some really nice jersey to make a couple of wrap maternity tops. I made one on my old sewing machine and it turned out really well. I was waiting to make the other one until I got my new machine, but I think my motivation has waned a bit. It wasn’t difficult to make and I know my new machine can definitely handle it better, but I think I need to figure out how to wrap it really well since I’m always worried about gaps through the wrapped part. It really is a cute top and surprisingly fits very well. (I’m sure the fact that it’s stretchy has something to do with it.)

Before Rylan was born I decided to recover my infant car seat. That turned out really well and this time I have a bouncy chair that I’ve used for both kids. I thought I should maybe recover that one too. I think it would be ok to manage seeing as I’ve already done a car seat and that was a lot more involved. We’ll see about that one.

We’re going on vacation the beginning of May to Hawaii, and I thought it would be nice to wear skirts there since I don’t really have anything other than pants for bottoms. Of course I’ll have to convert some skirts or just get some material to make some with.

Today I whipped up (seriously, it was easy!) a skirt for Maya (a purple princess dress, so she says) out of some of the leftover material from my wrap top. She loves it and I was VERY impressed that it turned out well in the end. I’m kind of a lazy sewer, meaning if I don’t have to pin, press or measure much of anything then I’m happy! Of course it usually doesn’t produce the greatest results, but if I’m saving time…

I’ve also learned how to use elastic thread to do smocking (or “shirring”). Pretty fun and addicting. I have a few more small ideas of things to make.