New plans for future dinners

7 Mar

I won’t lie. I don’t especially like to cook. I FAR prefer to bake, probably due to the finished product. And because it generally contains sugar. Anyhow, I’m finding it difficult to prepare dinner these days, but then feel kind of bad giving my kids sandwiches or even breakfast for dinner. (Although I could eat breakfast all day, every day). I especially find it difficult at that “particular” time of the day when everyone’s starting to get grumpy and clingy. I can usually distract Maya with a movie or something for long enough to thrown something together, but Rylan is not so easy. He ALWAYS comes over to me and stands right between my legs and the stove, wanting to watch and be picked up. Kind of hard to cook one-handed (and distracted). I get frustrated because I’m slow at cooking but I like my meals to be pretty well-rounded. I know it’s something I have to work on, but it’s coming along.

The other day someone mentioned to me about this website that you subscribe to some meal-planning. Basically, they plan out your month (four weeks of five meals per week) of meals plus sides, have your shopping list broken down into grocery store sections, and prep/cooking directions. Their claim to fame is to spend one hour per week prepping these five meals, have them ready to go in your fridge for the week, then it’s very simple on the day you cook it. Just grab it out of the fridge, cook it up and add the finishing touches. It sounded like exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Two things that don’t fit perfectly for me:

1. We would never go through 5 actual meals in one week! We don’t eat a lot at each meal and there’s only so long I will tolerate leftovers. It’s nice because then I’ve really got meals for at least a month and a half to two months.

2. Why is it that people who meal plan (I’ve come across other meal-planning things before too) feel it necessary to eat meat at every single meal? (I will say that at least the meat is varied: beef, chicken, pork, fish, or seafood). I prefer to have at least one vegetarian-type meal per week, plus an alternative meal using beans/legumes and such. I have to admit I’m not clever enough to adapt recipes too easily for fear of changing them too much.

After looking over this website, she says she tests the recipes out on her family and puts them on the menu if they like them. They seem to be pretty easy, tasty sounding meals that aren’t too out there. My family probably would eat them too! And it’s really nice to not have to think about planning, prepping, or coming up with meal ideas. The only thing would be to get to the grocery store…


One Response to “New plans for future dinners”

  1. Laurie March 8, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    Good for you. But, let me tell you, it really never gets any easier. I certainly went through phases of doing the whole planning meals etc…never got as far as mega prep though as I still tend to like my meals and baking fresh (although I do get braver and try and store a few things in the freezer – learned that from CVH).
    I admire your tenacity and caring concern for providing for your family. At least you haven’t resorted to the KD solution. Well, maybe you have but I’ve never seen any in existence in your house – but perhaps it has been stored out of site down in the furnace room and that had become “Templeton’s smorggie”!

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