Hospital Visit for Rylan

24 Feb

Today Rylan got to go to Children’s hospital to have exploratory surgery. After he was born we were told he had one undescended testicle. We were told just to watch for it and see if it descended on its own. It never did, so around 9 months we had a consultation with a pediatric surgeon and then subsequently an ultrasound. They weren’t able to determine its position or if he actually did have one, so we waited for a surgery date for a laparoscopy. He had an appointment scheduled for about a month ago, but it got cancelled due to an emergency surgery the surgeon had. So, that brought us to today.

We had an early appointment, so we got up at 5:30, got ready, then got the kids up, dropped Maya off at her cousin’s house, then off to the hospital. Once there he got to change into a cute little gown and then we waited. Poor thing wasn’t allowed to have anything to eat or drink since midnight, but really since he went to bed the night before. I was really impressed, though and he was in a fine mood. By the time we actually went in to do his anesthetic, he was getting tired and a bit crabby. I got to go to the operating room with him just while they put in the IV to get him prepped for the anesthetic. They gave him that (kind of creepy how quickly it happens) and after that they told us he was going to have essentially a child-size epidural (though without the catheter) to freeze his lower half for better pain relief. Poor little guy didn’t like being in the OR because he just cried and cried, but I had to just hold him while they did their stuff. I guess he dislodged where one of the IV’s was supposed to go because there was blood on his hand and leg and my (beautiful yellow) surgical gown. One of the team suggested probably taking off the gown before going back out to Dave or he’d probably wonder what went one!! His eyes were just full of tears, but once the anesthetic hit him, he just conked right out. It was really fast!

I think he was gone about an hour or hour and a half, then the surgeon came out and said everything went well, they were able to find it; it was really small but they moved it down from the groin area into the scrotum and stitched it into place. I got to go into the recovery room while he was waking up. That wasn’t too pleasant. He wasn’t a happy camper and about 5 times squirmier than usual! He eventually calmed down and was able to have some juice. After that, just some post-op instructions and off we went home. Luckily he slept for about an hour in the car, so he was happier after that. He was still getting used to walking after the anesthetic, so it was a bit amusing watching him wobble around. By this evening he was up to his usual daredevil antics, climbing up and around and over anything and everything. We’ll see how the night goes, but I’m hoping he’ll just sleep! He’s been a real trooper (and might I add he’s teething and getting his canines already!!) and I’m completely amazed how resilient kids are.

I’m grateful for modern medicine and the doctors and nurses at BC Children’s. Everyone was really nice and helpful and informative. I am glad it was nothing major and I really feel for parents who have to go through surgeries with their kids on a regular basis. I can imagine only a portion of what they go through. I’ll cross my fingers that tomorrow is a good day healing-wise!


One Response to “Hospital Visit for Rylan”

  1. Rachel February 25, 2011 at 8:09 am #

    Oh, I’m sooooo glad everything went well. I was thinking of you guys yesterday. I feel the same about modern medicine – so grateful – and also I can’t imagine having to do things like that all the time. You were so brave Jen! Hope Rylan continues to heal quickly.

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