Maya’s 3!

15 Jan


Well, the slew of birthdays is almost over! (only mine to come up next, but of course it’s the most important!) We were pretty low-key for Maya’s actual birthday, we just ordered pizza and that’s about it. She did open her presents in the morning and got some cool things. It’s really nice she’s old enough that I can play games with her and be creative with her. She likes that and it gives me an opportunity to do something with her when Rylan’s napping. She likes to help out too, with baking and folding laundry (ha ha, not that it happens very often!) and whatever else I can think of her to do. I keep thinking that the willingness to help out won’t last very long, so I need to take advantage of it while I can!

This year she’s come leaps and bounds in learning new skills. Her speech is quite good, even to other people. She really likes to draw and her favourite things right now to draw are suns (and embellished ones at that, complete with faces and hair and sun rays of course!). A big one has been potty training. Of course there are parts of this we’re still working on, but for the most part, she’s got it pretty down. She loves music and to dance and is hilarious when she recognizes her favourite songs. Her current spontaneous song is “Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer”. Christmas songs tend to hang around for a while in our house. She’s still in gymnastics and swimming. She LOVES swimming. She just began her class where she gets to go by herself, and she did really well. She’s certainly learning to be more independent, so it can be both a blessing and a challenge at times.  She loves going to nursery and her leaders love having her there (which is good because it’s going to be another whole year before she leaves it!)


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