28 Dec

One day over Christmas holidays we had planned to go down across the border and do a bit of shopping. Turns out, everyone on the lower mainland had the same idea. Border lineups were crazy and I wasn’t about to wait hours for no particular reason, so we decided to (finally!) replace our current kitchen sink and tap. We’ve been wanting to do it for over a year and finally got a chance to get it done. We went to Home Depot and talked to some people there, came back, measured the under-the-counter space and figured it would fit. We (well, actually, I) ended up going back to Home Depot about 4 times to get all the stuff we needed! While we were waiting for someone to help us one of those visits, I wandered down to the hood fans and we picked one out to change our current one with. We wanted a new one because the other one didn’t suck up all the smells from cooking (not that I make stinky stuff, just, you know, cooking smells in general).

Actually it wasn’t especially difficult to switch out, just some modifications like cutting out a fair amount more of the counter to fit in the larger sink. (Can you say scary? And I wasn’t even the one doing the cutting!) We figured, really if we screwed it up too badly we would just replace the counters. No pressure, right? We started working on it after the kids were in bed, so we were up pretty late at the end of it all. All I can say is thank goodness they didn’t wake up with all the jigsaw cutting!!

I’m really happy with all of it. The hood fan sucks beautifully and is QUIET! Now at least I can hear my kids whining while I’m trying to make dinner. The faucet is up and out of the way and has some water pressure to it so I don’t have to make my own suds while washing the dishes (pet peeve: not enough bubbles in the dish water). The sink is called SILGRANIT made by Blanco and it’s made of 80% natural granite and it’s stain-resistant (which is SO nice because our other stainless steel one was so gross and stained and scummy looking) and pretty heat resistant. So yay!


One Response to “Upgrades”

  1. Rachel January 10, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    Looks great! I love the sink especially.

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