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28 Nov

I took a break from the Ken Follett book and dug through Dave’s drawer o’ books. I came up with a John Grisham one, “The Associate”. It’s a page turner. Most of the time, at the end of the day (when I get a chance to read) I just want something to take my brain off everything else so I can fall asleep. The only problem is that sometimes I stay up later than I wanted to in order to keep reading.

Of course, then there’s Dave next to me who literally can open his book and maybe read one sentence and the next thing I know he’s asleep! I don’t know how he can do this for two reasons: one – how on earth can you keep the book upright, and two – once you start reading how can you not just get into it?? It will forever mystify and amaze me!


Current read

15 Nov

I have been reading Ken Follet’s new book “Fall of Giants”. It’s a pretty long read at almost 1,000 pages, but it certainly keeps you interested. I’m close to halfway through, but since it’s only a 7 day loan from the library and I don’t get much time to read, it’s going to take me a little while, but it is good.