Current reads

17 Oct

Ok, so I just finished reading “Open”, the autobiography of Andre Agassi. I had gotten it out from the library and couldn’t finish it before it needed to be returned so I finally got it out again and finished it. The same thing happened with “The Bourne Identity” by Robert Ludlum. Actually I have the audio book version of it on my iPod and I remember listening to it when I couldn’t get back to sleep at night or while nursing in the wee hours of the morning with a newborn. Let’s just say I have had to “read” and “reread” it so many times, that I decided to get it in print from the library. It’s a fairly lengthy novel and I think I’ve only got it for 2 weeks so I think I’ll be taking it out again! Unfortunately our library seems to have very few copies of this book so it can take a while before getting it in my hands again. I try not to buy books unless I LOVE them otherwise I think I’d have a house full of books! I must say I don’t have the same rules when buying for my kids. I have no qualms getting books for them as opposed to toys, so my kids have a lot of books. Thank goodness Maya LOVES to read!


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