Mint thrills

20 Sep

I had to make the cookie bars again! I went down to the States and swore I wouldn’t buy these M&Ms again, but I bought them anyway and thought “I’ll make those cookies again!” Ha! Midway through the first bag I really had to commit to not inhaling the rest of the bag so there would be enough to put in the cookies!!

These were SO delicious. Unfortunately they didn’t make it into the freezer very quickly (that’s where I’ve been trying to put my cookies either baked or unbaked to prevent the following from happening). I’m pretty sure I ate at least 10 a few for with breakfast some of those days. And when I’d get really hungry I’d pop a few in my mouth. I really couldn’t stop eating them! There’s something about the mint and chocolate and white chocolate combo that is just perfect.

Here’s to hoping I’m not heading down again any time soon!


One Response to “Mint thrills”

  1. Laurie September 21, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    Well, next time I am over we ARE going to the States and I am storing up for the winter. They are so good!!! And I will then make the cookie bars – to share, of course!

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