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Tutu extravaganza

20 Sep

I have been looking at making a tutu for a little while now and a lot of tutorials came up recently on some of the blogs I follow. I made one with black, hot pink, and white tulle first for a little girl who turned 3. It was really easy and quick to make, so when Maya was invited to another little girl’s party, I figured I’d make another one for her. This pink and white one is the one I did for her.

I used 3 different shades of pink and then a white. Not shown on here but I also added a satin ribbon bow to the front of it to embellish it a little. Of course, then I needed to make one for Maya and she said she wanted a purple one (yay!)

For hers I used a dark purple, light purple and a few light brown pieces. Then I added a purple satin ribbon to the front as well. I think they are the most adorable things ever. Although I have seen some pettiskirts making the blog rounds too! I think that will be a ways down the road yet!


Plum Torte

20 Sep

Every year in the fall, when the Italian prune plums are in season, I have to make this torte. I originally got the recipe from my aunt while I was living in England. She had made it for me and it was divine. It is so easy to make and even though they’re simple ingredients, they come together nicely and taste delicious topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Mint thrills

20 Sep

I had to make the cookie bars again! I went down to the States and swore I wouldn’t buy these M&Ms again, but I bought them anyway and thought “I’ll make those cookies again!” Ha! Midway through the first bag I really had to commit to not inhaling the rest of the bag so there would be enough to put in the cookies!!

These were SO delicious. Unfortunately they didn’t make it into the freezer very quickly (that’s where I’ve been trying to put my cookies either baked or unbaked to prevent the following from happening). I’m pretty sure I ate at least 10 a few for with breakfast some of those days. And when I’d get really hungry I’d pop a few in my mouth. I really couldn’t stop eating them! There’s something about the mint and chocolate and white chocolate combo that is just perfect.

Here’s to hoping I’m not heading down again any time soon!

Evil, yet delicious cake!

20 Sep

Dave decided he wanted a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cake for his birthday this year. We ended up getting a large one because we thought there was going to be more people to indulge. Let’s just say it was not a good week for trying to stay away from sugar!! It was good, though. I believe it was the Cake Batter confetti one. The only thing was, on the website it was supposed to have red velvet cake for the cake part and this one had just chocolate cake. Oh well, it was still naughty!

Birthday onesies

20 Sep

I recently had a bout of creativity. I had come across online how to make stencils for shirts using freezer paper. There are tons of tutorials on how to do this, so just Google it if you’re interested. I made these for a little boy who was turning one and for my first try they came out pretty cute! You use regular fabric paint (not the puffy kind) with small sponge brushes to dab it on.

It’s pretty neat, actually. Because one side of the paper is shiny (it’s used for wrapping meat for the freezer), you just iron it dull side up and it sticks to the shirt really well. When it comes time to remove the stencil you just peel it right off, and there’s nothing sticky left on your shirt!

Then you just iron lightly when the paint is completely dry and you’re good to go!

Brush roll

19 Sep

I made a crayon roll for Maya from this tutorial and really liked how it turned out, so I tweaked it a bit to fit the dimensions of my makeup brushes. I’m so glad I can just roll them all up and take them with me for travelling.

Cute hair

13 Sep

I ordered these “Trash ties” and thought they would be cute in Maya’s hair. They’re neat because they just twist in and you can tighten them in as you like. It was fun to experiment in her hair!