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Another day in the life…

28 Aug

Don’t ask me why Maya needed 3 bathing suits on all at once while sitting in a plastic bin, eating her snack!

I love baking!

8 Aug

I really can’t help myself. Honestly whenever I look at a recipe book the first thing I do is turn to the dessert section to see what kind of desserts and sweet things are in the book. That’s pretty much how I determine if it’s a good cookbook or not. I like to bake when I have some free time…sure beats cleaning any day!

I came across this recipe on a blog and immediately I had to make it. They’re M&M cookie bars and cookie bars are so much nicer than individual cookies because I detest taking too much time to bake things (and not using more than one pan if I can help it!)

I happened to have gone down to the States shortly before this and had a stash of peanut butter M&M’s, mint M&M’s (side note: those ones are seriously to die for; I pretty much inhaled them), pretzel M&M’s, and regular M&M’s (do I have a problem?). There was a plethora of M&M’s in my bars. They were fantastic!

UPDATE: Here’s where I found the recipe