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Countdown to the excitement!

11 Jun
I’m really excited because in about 2 months we’re going on vacation for a couple of weeks. We’re going on a cruise to Northern Europe, all to places I’ve never been and it will be a real vacation. Dave’s sister and husband have volunteered to look after Maya for us while we’re gone, so we can really enjoy ourselves!

Here’s a link to the cruise:


First garden attempt ever!

11 Jun
This year we decided to finish off our deck (i.e. make it slightly safer for our child who can now walk)
Along one edge there is about a two foot drop, so we added a railing.
At the back, next to the fence:

I’m so pleased to announce that the seeds I planted are growing nicely. Here are:

Carrots…I planted lots because I love them!!

Here is my oh so helpful daughter

And her very cute (yet still little) toes!

Ahh…Spring is in the air!

11 Jun
Here’s my lilac tree before it completely bloomed. I just love lilacs and am happy with how this is growing. It was so little when I first planted it a few years ago, but every year produces more blossoms!

My bag…finally some pictures

11 Jun
I finished making the bag some time ago, but never got around to putting up pictures of it, but here it is!