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Current fun project

28 Apr
I like to keep busy (but not too busy) with fun projects. Currently I’m working on sewing myself this bag:

I’m really excited and impatient to finish it. I’m still waiting for the fabric to arrive, so I’ve got everything else ready to go!

Here’s the exterior fabric:

Here’s the interior fabric:

It should look great I hope!

Only 5 more days!

28 Apr

Well, just 5 short days until I run my first half-marathon. It’s been fun (and a lot of work) training for it, but totally worth it. I feel better physically than I have in a long time!

I think it will be fun and neat to experience it. I hope I do well, but we’ll see how the day goes. My original goal was to finish it in under 2 hours, so we’ll see how close I come!

Guilty pleasure

25 Apr

This is my favourite new website…I’m addicted, it’s very distracting from the things I should be doing…such as my RS lesson!

PS You HAVE to read her story “Black heels to tractor Wheels”, I laughed so much. Be prepared to invest some time, though, it’s LONG!

Funny things kids do (at least that mine does)

24 Apr
And yes, I do get comments on her gorgeous eyelashes all the time! Thanks Mom!
The cutest baby ever!!
I wonder how long I can get this strip??