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Good ol’ home baking

26 Mar

Mmmm…the smell of freshly baked bread. Nothing better, except maybe freshly made ice cream.

My mom inspired me to bake some bread, and it’s almost done right now and it sure smells delicious!

Yesterday I prepared the custard base to make some delicious vanilla ice cream (with real vanilla beans!) I’m excited to make it this afternoon and let Maya watch. She really loves when I make things in the Kitchenaid mixer. Quite fascinating I suppose.


Ode to Disorganization

19 Mar

Today I’m feeling very disorganized…everywhere I turn, something’s clumped together in random order with various other things and then, somehow, they multiply and then I really don’t know where things are supposed to go, then they get left for a while until I get tired of looking at them! Where are all these random things supposed to go??? I need a personal organizer, or at least some tips!

I guess you just have to let it go…at least I just finished washing the dishes…now on to the bathrooms :s

Or perhaps not. I think I just want to watch a movie…